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Vouland Museum


The mansion, former home of the collector Louis Vouland (Noves 1883 - Avignon 1973), is part of a district which was urbanized at the end of the 19th century to the west of Avignon intramural, near the Rhône. It is located on the remnants of the former convent of the Dominicans or the Brother Preachers.


Behind the ordered façades of classical inspiration, the visitor discovers the collection of Louis Vouland, through reception rooms on the ground floor, then more intimate rooms on the first floor. Preserving privacy, its southern facade, out of sight, opens widely onto a pleasant sunny garden.


The museum has a permanent collection of Decorative Arts from the 17th and 18th centuries. It also displays works by Provencal artists from the 19th and 20th centuries from the museum's collections, during thematic or monographic exhibitions.

The Vouland Museum is the only museum specilised in decorative arts in Avignon and its region. Visitors can immerse themselves in the intimate atmosphere of a 20th century collector's mansion.


The reason for being of the museum is also to help visitors discover the arts of the region, both past and present, to which numerous exhibitions are devoted in contemporary rooms and within the museum to establish a constantly renewed dialogue with the decorative arts.

Born in Noves, near to Avignon, the food industry entrepreneur Louis Vouland was a businessman who starting in 1908 developed his food industry activities from Avignon to Madagascar. In 1927, he bought the Villeneuve-Esclapon mansion in Avignon, and the first items of his decorative arts collection that he put together over the years. In 1971, he bequeathed all of his property to the Fondation de France in order to create the Vouland Foundation and Museum, which opened in 1982.

Collection permanente
Permanent collection


Named after its founder, Louis Vouland who died in 1973, the museum permanently presents:

- Its prestigious collection of 17th and 18th century decorative arts gathered by Mr Vouland.

- A rare collection of works by Provencal painters and artists from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

Decorative Art

The Louis Vouland Museum promotes a privileged experience in an 18th-century-inspired household.

The visitor is invited to discover a rich collection of furniture and objects in the intimate atmosphere of a 19th century mansion.

The 18th century spirit emanates from the furniture, earthenware, porcelain, tapestries, clocks, Chinese art objects, from this former collector's home.

From a curved corner cupboard to a bonheur-du-jour, from tapestries representing Mechisedech blessing Abraham to Diana’s return from the hunt, Parisian furniture, chandeliers, clocks, mirrors, Chinese objects, paintings, engravings, bring to life and blend together the luxurious interiors of an 18th century mansion and those of a 20th century bourgeois house. Among the various masterpieces of marquetry, we discover near a chest of drawers stamped Pierre Migeon IV, the travel box of Madame du Barry which contains a solitary tea set in vermeil (silver plated with gold) and soft Sèvres porcelain. The productions of the famous workshops of Moustiers, Marseille or Sèvres occupy a place of choice in the exceptional collection of earthenware and porcelain.

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Our rich collection of furniture is an accurate testimony of the evolution of styles from the 16th to the 18th century.

Among the remarkable pieces from the great workshops of Parisian master cabinetmakers, our museum owns a chest of drawers stamped Pierre Migeon IV, of exceptional quality.


The large collection of ceramics on display is distinguished by its set of earthenware from Moustiers, Lyon and Marseille, and by charming examples of porcelain from Sèvres, Meissen, and pieces from China of great rarity.

A beautiful set of popular green glazed terracotta from the Midi (South of France) joined the collection in 2018.




Oriental rugs sit alongside sumptuous wall tapestries with historical records from the 17th and 18th centuries from factories in Flanders, the Gobelins or Aubusson.

Paintings, drawings and engravings

Among the paintings and engravings of our collections, the museum is particularly proud of its Joseph Vernet's pieces. Joseph Vernet (Avignon 1714 - Paris 1789), was a landscape and marine painter very appreciated by Louis XV.

131. Photo CD Presse Lepeltier.jpg

Decorative clocks punctuate the life of the museum and recall the progress of watchmaking in the 18th century.

Arts of Provence

The collection of arts of Provence and Languedoc is centered on the “New School of Avignon”, originating from the School of Fine Arts of Avignon and whose pioneer, Pierre Grivolas (Avignon 1823 - Avignon 1906) along with the other members of the movement, depicted scenes from everyday life, plein-air painting and portraiture which held an important role in a post-impressionist context. Charles Vionnet, Clément Brun, Claude Firmin, Eugène Martel, Louis Montagné, Jules Flour, Alfred Lesbros, Auguste Chabaud,…, also stood alongside artists of the twentieth century, Provencal or linked to Provence such as Jean-Marie Granier or Francis Céra.


The collection is not limited to painting. It is expanded year after year, thanks to donations. Thus, in 2017 and 2018, the museum hosted a set of 80 drawings of Vaucluse landscapes by Michel Steiner, a collection of 150 popular midday ceramics, and a beautiful portrait attributed to Paul Saïn.
Garden of the Vouland Museum

The Mansion opens to the south on a quiet and pleasant garden.

Visitors are welcome ... in the shade or in the sun, come and take a break in the garden !

Rue Victor Hugo, the facade conceals the garden of the museum and usually surprise our visitors at the end of their visit. This garden opens to the south of the mansion. It is crossed by the Canal de Vaucluse, the Avignon branch of the Sorgue. Imagined as a sensitive and sensorial extension of the museum favorable to biodiversity, the garden has regained its splendor after major works around the Canal in 2017.
This garden grows over time with the museum's desire to create an environment conducive to life and to preserve our natural heritage. It is a pleasant place throughout the seasons.
The foundation

Established as a charity in 1977, the mission of this non-profit organisation is to support the activities of the Museum of Decorative Arts in the private mansion on rue Victor-Hugo in Avignon, to preserve and increase the collections, and to contribute to the promotion of the arts of Provence and Languedoc. Since its opening in 1982, the museum has significantly expanded its collections, in particular with paintings from the "New School of Avignon" which are regularly presented.

The Foundation is administered by a council of twelve members:


- five ex officio members:

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Culture

Vaucluse Departmental Council

Avignon city

Vaucluse Chamber of Commerce and Industry


- Currently, the seven elected members are:

Frédéric Vouland, president

Michèle Michelotte, secretary

Jacques Téphany, treasurer

Dominique Ansidei , administrator

Danièle Brémond, administrator

Jean-Claude Delalondre , administrator

Patrick Galant, administrator

The commitments of the Provence Foundation


- The Provençal Vocation Prize , of a cultural nature, rewards young people under 30 who have invested in the historical, artistic or regional linguistic field.


1980: Pierre Fabre - Poet

1981: André Gabriel - Musician

1982: Jean-Louis Ramel - Writer

1983 (awarded in 1984): Rémi Venture Poète - Historian

1984 (handed over in 1985): Eric Boubon - Actor

1985 (handed over in 1986): La Capouliero - Folklore group

1987: Jean-Luc Domenge - Writer

1988: Raphaël Mérindol - Art historian

1989: Jean-François Gueganno - Journalist

1990: André Martino - Dancer

1991: Lou Riban de Prouvenço - Folk group

1992: Véronique Autheman and Gérard Fabre - Historians

1993: Jean-Michel Turc - Teacher

1994: Nathalie Simian - Teacher

1995: Corinne Ranc - Musician

1996: Philippe Féret - Teacher

1997: Frédéric Soulié - Journalist

1998: Céline Magrini - Music and vocal teacher / group

1999: Hélène Deltrieu - Teacher

2000: Anne lambert and Virginie Bigornent - Teachers

2001: Virginie Suppo - Teacher

2002: Céline Marteau-Imbert - Teacher

2003: Elodie and Virginie Oubré - Dancers and teachers

2004: Sano Naoko - Teacher

2005: Laurent Revest - Researcher and artist

2007: Provençau Lengo Vivo Association - Association

2008: Jean-Pascal Richard - DVD La Pastorale

2009: Rita Mazaudier

2011: Isabelle Fabre - French-Provençal Bilingual Public School of Cuers

2013: Rémi d'Espagnet - Info & media

2014: Maillane School - School


- The Jacques Léon Prize , created by the Louis Vouland Foundation in 1993 thanks to an anonymous donation from a Marseille industrialist, grandson of Jacques Léon, which aims to help perpetuate the Provençal identity in the contemporary world.


1993: Souleïado Fabrics, household linen, tableware, Provencal-inspired decoration - Tarascon

1994: Vernin , Apt tiles Manufacture of hand-decorated terracotta - Bonnieux

1995: Restoration workshop Jean-Loup Bouvier Sculptor and restorer of art and historical monuments - Les Angles

1996: Usines Marius Bernard Provençal culinary specialties - Saint Chamas

1997: Laffanour Frères Provencal seating workshop - Jonquières

1998: Avignon School Training center for the rehabilitation of architectural heritage - Avignon

1999: Fromagerie de Banon AOC goat and sheep cheese - Banon

2000: Ets Alazard et Roux Abattoirs, butcher, charcuterie - Avignon

2001: Confectionery of Roy René Calissons d'Aix-en-Provence

2002: Florame Manufacture of essential oils - Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

2003: BVT Manufacture lainière: quilts, blankets and bedding and fashion accessories - L'Isle sur la Sorgue

2004: Distilleries et Domaines de Provence Distillery of liqueurs, spirits and eaux-de-vie - Forcalquier

2005: Les Olivades Provencal decoration and ready-to-wear fabrics - Saint-Etienne-du-Grès

2006: Imprimerie Laffont Printing and document editions - Avignon

2007: Agro Novae / Les Comtes de Provence Culinary specialties, jams and health nutrition - Peyruis

2008: La Boule Bleue Rofritsch Manufacture of pétanque balls - Marseille

2010: La Maison Boyer Master confectioner and nougat maker - Sault

2011: Hôtel d'Europe Hôtellerie - Restauration - Avignon

2012: Mathieu Lustrerie Restoration and creation Lustrerie - Gargas

2013: GIE Carrelages de Salernes Operation of gravel and sand pits, manufacture of tiles - Salernes

2014: Couleur Garance Conservatory garden of dye plants and promotion of their applications in art and crafts - Lauris

2017: Fragonard Parfumeur Parfumeur - Grasse

2019: Maison Manguin , artisanal distillery - Avignon

Sponsorship - Donations and bequests

Recognized as being of public utility, the Louis Vouland Foundation is authorized to receive donations and bequests. Whatever its form, financial, in kind or competence, sponsorship leads to a reduction in taxes.

- 60% of the sum for a company (within the limit of 0.5% of turnover excluding tax)

- 66% of the amount for a private donation (within the limit of 20% of taxable income)

You can send your donations by check payable to the Louis Vouland Foundation.

Patrons - Partners and Donors (since 2013)

Banque Chaix / restoration of terrazo floors (2015)

EDIS, endowment fund / exhibition Vasarely multiplicity (in motion), contemporary installation on the facade Inversion by Eitenne Rey (2016)

Régis Roquette / exhibition Vasarely multiplicity (in motion) (2016)

Donors Dartagnans crowdfounding campaign / Vasarely multiplicity exhibition (in motion), (2016)

La Mirande / Under the stars (2018)

Crédit Agricole Foundation (2019) / garden


Skill sponsorship

Jacques Blanc, surveyor

Michel Escande , heritage architect

Marc Angosto, carpenter



Vasarely Foundation / Vasarely multiplicity exhibition (Aix, Avignon, Gordes - 2016)

Villa Datris / Vasarely multiplicity exhibition - 2016

Avignon School of Arts / Vasarely multiplicity exhibition - In motion - 2016

School of Avignon (in 1801, creation of an establishment dedicated to art and creation, 1928 takes the name of School of Decorative Arts, in 1965 of Municipal School of Fine Arts and Architecture of Avignon)

EDIS, Hortus 2.0 endowment / exhibition - 2017

Avignon Contemporary Arts / Visual arts portal - 2018

University of Avignon and the Pays de Vaucluse , master's degree in culture and heritage mediation

The Masquerade, early music ensemble

Hotel in Avignon

Amis du musée
Friends of the Vouland Museum


The Friends of the Louis Vouland Museum an association which aims to participate in the development and visibility of the museum. Created in 2008 by a few lovers of the Villeneuve-Esclapon mansion and its collections, it brings a group of people who wish to contribute to the life of this place and forge a special bond with it.


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