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Through the Garden...

In this district built at the end of the 19th century on the site of the former Dominican convent, the mansions open to the south onto gardens crossed by the Vaucluse Canal. That of the museum is imagined as a sensitive and sensory extension of the collections, favorable to biodiversity.

A garden that hides a river

The private mansion opens to the south onto a calm and pleasant garden.

Visitors are welcome... ​ in the shade or in the sun, come take a break in the garden!

Rue Victor Hugo, nothing suggests the garden of the museum. This garden, to the south of the mansion, is crossed by the Canal de Vaucluse, the Avignon branch of the Sorgue. Imagined as a sensitive and sensory extension of the museum favorable to biodiversity, it was reborn after major work around the Canal in 2017. The flora is enriched from year to year, and over the days, we can observe the cycle plants, insects, birds, etc. The animals lean over this life and create links between the living world, the collections and the exhibitions. Leaves, flowers and fruits, insects, birds, and fish, everything changes with the seasons. And every spring has surprises in store!

A shelter, labelised LPO

In the garden, you will meet blackbirds, starlings, jays, sparrows or chickadees throughout the seasons. A resting haven for all birds and also for its rich ecosystem of more than 150 species in its fauna and flora.

Thanks to the label of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), the Vouland Museum is committed to the preservation of biodiversity. As well as for the conservation of our works, we apply ourselves to safeguarding the natural heritage of the garden. By raising the awareness of young audiences and by responsible and civic values, this openness to the outside favors respect for the living and its habitat.

Come to the museum by bike !

At the Vouland museum, you will discover a sedan chair, a coach heater, Madame du Barry's travel kit, the team's bicycles and bicycle racks under parasols on the Vaucluse Canal,but also, if necessary, Allen keys and bicycle pumps!

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Rhône, inside the ramparts of Avignon which surround the 14th century city, the museum is in a "meeting zone" where pedestrians and cyclists can stroll quietly.

A few pedal strokes from theViaRhôna, major European cycle route, we welcome cyclists to the garden.

Come by bike to discover this haven of peace to live over the hours and the seasons (if there are still seasons!) where you can also taste syrups of thyme, rosemary, lavandin..., Mediterranean essences that found in the garden. We will tell you more !

A verdant scene !

What about a moment of sharing in the garden?

The garden prolongs the museum through its sensitivity and the sensory brilliance it releases. It even becomes the scene of various events: openings of exhibitions, concerts and workshops. It aims to raise public awareness of environmental issues and to arouse their curiosity through its cultural events.

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