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Marius Breuil, step by step

June 5 - December 31, 2022

Marius Breuil (Avignon, 1850 – Paradou (Alpilles), 1932)

Exhibition of a Provençal painter, draftsman and landscaper.


Marius Breuil, a modest man who never exhibits!

Landscape painter curious about artistic news, friend of Pierre Grivolas and Paul Saïn, Marius Breuil asserts his independence and refuses to participate in the “Fine Arts system”. His only exhibition in 1888 in Avignon was hailed as an event - he sold the 27 paintings exhibited. 

Imagined as a walk, this exhibition invites you to follow Marius Breuil step by step, from a motif taken outdoors in his studio. Its energetic touch, its sumptuous materials, express the mineral, austere and solar character of the Mediterranean nature of the arid plateaus punctuated with gnarled trees and limestone rocks around Avignon and the Alpilles.

Rhythmed by sets around the same theme or motif, light, earth, rocks, trees, "solitude" sketches, large drawings, studio compositions, seasons, youth, this The journey continues in the Museum of Decorative Arts where Landscapes are part of the collections from the 17th and 18th centuries...

An exhibition catalog is available for consultation and for sale at the museum reception.

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