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Perspectives: presentation of works from the museum

with the Friends of the Louis Vouland Museum.

Chinese red lacquer box

late 18th century

Ø 24.5 cm

Inv. 527

A unique look...

“From seven to eleven, I lived in China with my parents who were working in Beijing at that time. I learned to speak Mandarin and write Chinese there. At the Vouland museum, this box discovered during the Yuan Chin Taa exhibition aroused my interest because I did not know the imperial period. Indeed, I know the history of contemporary China better than I studied Chinese language and literature for four years at the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon. The fact that the scene depicted on the lid of this box refers to a novel is of particular interest to me. It's a kind of illustration that evokes the image-text link and comes close to my field of research, which is comics. The fact that the box is very ornate seemed to me to be very beautiful, especially since the drawing work is of great finesse. The links between figuration and geometric patterns struck me. I wanted to share this, thanks to my presence in the association of friends of the museum and it was fun to discover a hidden object, out of sight in the museum's reserves, while the box itself aims to hide things, addresses the issue of privacy. »

Norbert Danysz, volunteer, Association of Friends of the Louis Vouland Museum (AMLV).

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Corner secretary

Mahogany, lacquer, marble and gilded bronze

second quarter of the 18th century

H. 106 cm, L.73cm, Pr 45 cm

Inv. 109

A singular look ...

His taste for Chinese art led him a second time to comment on an object from the Vouland museum. After the red lacquer box (below), Norbert Danysz presents the Desforges secretary on display on the first floor. This corner, made in the second quarter of the 18th century and covered with Provencal marble (from Tholonet), is decorated with Chinese lacquer panels.


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Dish with blue decoration

Moustiers earthenware

first half of the 18th century

L. 43 cm, W. 31 cm

Inv. 125

A singular look ...

A Friend of the Louis Vouland Museum (AMLV) presents an 18th century Moustiers dish. This twelve-sided dish has been decorated with a grand feu decoration in shades of blue on a white background, said à la Bérain. It is exhibited in the “Decor à la Bérain” display case in the museum's first earthenware room, opposite a display case of Delft and Compagnie des Indes tiles, also with blue shades on a white background.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Listen to this 3-part presentation

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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